how to get pen ink off skin

How to Get Pen Ink Off Skin and Nails?

The cute girl got her number by writing it down in the palm of her hand. You’re ecstatic, but you don’t want to go back home to see your curious daughter ask you about the digits that have been scribbled on the skin of your hand.

Maybe you’ve been taking notes in a class all day and come home with a pen-ink splattered across the surface of your palm (this is a common occurrence for lefties). Perhaps the babysitter has gotten the ballpoint in her hand and decided to write across her face.

Whatever the reason, it’s essential that the ink be removed without leaving even a trace. Find out more methods to how to get pen ink off skin.

Tips To Remove Pen Ink Off Skin

Here are some tips to get pink off the skin

1. Use A Non-Gel Toothpaste

Use a non-gel toothpaste spray to apply the ink, then rub it into your skin. Toothpaste is made of baking soda to help pull the ink away from the skin’s surface.

The toothpaste can make your skin feel tingly. Make use of a damp sponge or some water to wash off.

Choose toothpaste that’s not visible (or gelatinized) or sparkling. It must be opaque and, in most cases, white.

2. Use Household Chemicals To Remove Skin Blemishes

If you aren’t able or wish to sit back and let the ink disappear by itself, these suggestions could be helpful. One note of generalization: Like many other staining methods, the ink applied to the skin is more easily removed when it’s fresh. Therefore, if you can take your child to the bath or close to a sink quickly, it is possible to get more success.

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3. Soap And Water

Suppose the ink staining you are unsure of is water-based good for you! They’ll be relatively easy to get rid of by bathing usually.

Water-based inks are commonly used in washable markers for kids, like those produced by Crayola, which recommends traditional soap and water for removing accidental body art.

4. Infant Wipes

Baby wipes can also be used with the ballpoint marker or on permanent markers. Since they’re designed for infants, they’re bound to be gentler for your child’s skin than homemade remedies you’ll find on the web.

Use Rubbing AlcoholRubbing, also known as Isopropyl alcohol, is among the most effective cleaning products to eliminate stains, like ink staining.

Because it’s a potent solvent, it can eliminate ink stains on the skin. Fortunately, this isn’t difficult to locate as each home has a ruby alcohol solution for cleaning and cleaning.

5. Solution of Water and Bleach

Bleach is among the most commonly used laundry products, which can be used to remove hard-to-clean stains like ink. You could test this technique for the many staining on your hands that you’d like to remove.

It is essential to know that bleach is a chemical substance that should be handled carefully. You could use chlorine bleach (used to wash all-white clothing or fabric) or non-chlorine, oxygen-based bleach (color-safe bleach).

6. Wash Your Hands With Sanitised Soap And Water

Bleach may dry out the skin and leave an unpleasant chemical scent. It is possible to squeeze lemon or orange in your hands to rid yourself of the scent. It is also possible to put on a lotion following washing your hands.

7. Baking Soda And Water Solution

Baking soda is a universal product employed to cook and as a potent cleaning product. If you must remove severe ink staining on your fingers, mixing baking soda with water can work wonders.

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8. Butter

If you look in your fridge only to find that you’re not stocked with milk, Butter or vegetable shortening, are great alternatives. Like milk, butter can break down the oils present in dye to gradually remove the stain.

Slowly rub the butter vegetable shortening on the skin with a towel. After the ink has become lighter, the remaining particles will be washed away along with the grease left, using soap and water.

9. Tea Bags

This is probably our top choice because it is effective for removing ink, and there’s also a great tea from the package.

Utilizing a lukewarm and used tea bag, break the ink up and remove it from your skin. After steeping the tea bag in hot water, you can take it out and allow it to cool before applying the cream to your skin to ensure that your hands are not burned.

Tea bags are strong enough to apply directly to the skin and assist in scraping the ink out of your hands. Take care that you don’t apply excessive pressure on the teabag while you scrub because it may cause the teabag to break.

10. Hairspray

It has alcohol that dissolves the fountain pen’s ink. Apply the hairspray directly to your skin stained by the ink and scrub it off using a damp cloth in a circular motion.

11. The Shampoo

It is a great solution to remove fountain pen ink from your hands, hair, and nails. To get rid of stains, apply shampoo similar to soap and clean your hands with it.

If you’ve got ink under your fingernails, the regular hair-washing routine will fully submerge your fingers in shampoo and wash away the ink stains.

12. Tea Bags

They are a common everyday item that softly removes the ink stain. Utilize a freshly brewed, room-temperature tea bag to clean out the ink on your skin.

The tea’s oils and the semi-abrasive substance in the bag help lift the stain. Make sure not to be too harsh, or the tea bag could fall apart, spilling out the contents.

13. Shortening Made Of Vegetable and Butter

It dissolves the fountain pen’s oil ink. What remains is the liquid that was left behind by the ink. This will evaporate as you rub the butter or shortening until it is removed from your skin.

Rub shortening or butter on the stain upward until the ink begins to fade. Then, clean the grease using dry paper towels.

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14. White Vinegar 

White vinegar with Acetic acid dissolves the fountain pen’s ink more efficiently than ordinary water. The stain should be soaked in vinegar and then scrub with a paper towel. This will remove the skin’s outer layer and remove the spot.

15. Polish Remover for Nails Polish Remover

 Similar to hairspray, nail polish removers are an excellent option for more than just your nails. It’s also used to effectively remove ink staining off your skin. It’s since nail polish remover has Acetone, which is used to eliminate the chemical solvent (nail polish).

It’s a quick and gentle way to take any ink stain off your skin. Make sure not to spill nail polish remover on your furniture or floors as it could quickly and gently strip the polish. After you have removed the ink, ensure that you clean your hands before applying lotion.

Frequently Ask Questions

how to get pen ink off skin

How To Remove Ink From Nails?

You can eliminate staining from the fingernail ink using the same techniques to eliminate ink stains from the skin. Utilizing a nail brush gently buffers your skin to remove the stain, which means you can get rid of them within a few hours instead of weeks.

How To Remove Ink From Hair?

Even though it is rare for fountain pen inks to leak into the hair, it can occur. When touch your hair with freshly stained hands could transfer the wet ink, and spills can happen when the cap of an ink bottle is placed on a long hair strand. The most efficient method to eliminate ink from hair is to wash it.

How to Clean Your Pet of Fountain Pen Ink?

Pets are such dear to us that it’s expected that someone might accidentally spill the fountain pen ink onto them. A variety of natural and homemade cleaners are safe to use on animals. However, certain products can be harsh and could trigger allergic reactions. The gentler options, like dish soap, pet shampoo, and baking soda, are suitable for removing ink stains off your dog’s fur.

How to Clean Clothes or Fabric of Fountain Pen Ink?

The ink from fountain pens is easily removed from carpeting, clothes, and other fabrics by using household cleaning products. Gentle cleaners such as baking soda, dishwashing fluid, or white vinegar can efficiently remove ink stains.

How to Get Fountain Pen Ink off Skin?

Fountain pen ink can be removed from hands and other skin areas more effectively with isopropyl alcohol hand sanitizers than with soap and water.

How to Get Pen Ink off Skin at School?

To remove the ink from your skin, wet a cotton swab or cloth with rubbing alcohol (rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit). Your best chance for getting rid of the petroleum ink found throughout most pens is frequently denatured alcohol. You can wipe the blood off your skin because it removes oils.

How To Get Pen Marks Off Skin?

Try soaking a washcloth in isopropyl alcohol and then rubbing the blood off of it to remove the pen from your skin. Spray, acetic nail polish stripper, or hand sanitizer are additional options. In a crisis, even white vinegar will do.


Here’s the solution! With these simple and effective strategies, you’ll eliminate the confusion about how to get pen ink off skin.

They can also be made clean and prepared for your upcoming job! The methods mentioned above are the most practical and straightforward solutions to the issue of ink staining, however, there are many tricks and ideas to try.

Please let us know if you’ve tried any of these suggestions. Share with us what worked well for you and any additional ideas you feel belong on the list!

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