how to set makeup without powder

How to Set Makeup Without Powder?

Do you have any questions that how to set makeup without powder? let’s discuss If you aren’t getting the most out of powders for it, the next most effective alternative is a spray for the setting! Sprays are a straightforward option that needs a slight misting of the face once all makeup is put on. Setting spray without powdercome in different finishes, such as glossy or even dewy. Also, if you’re suffering from dry, oily, or combination skin, there’s the right spray for your particular type.

DIY Suggestions

If the sprays available aren’t adequate, a few methods to make your spray bottle require a few ingredients. The first is a mix of equal parts of Witch hazel and rose water, mixed with around one cup and fifty percent water. This simple mix can help nourish skin while keeping makeup in the right place!

If apothecary supplies aren’t readily available, the best option is to use the old-fashioned H2O! Although plain water isn’t the most excellent option for keeping makeup in place when you have sweaty or oily skin, it can provide skin with fresh and dewy looks!

How to set makeup without powder by Using A Setting Spray?

Setting spray is among the most effective options for charging your makeup without powder. It helps keep your makeup from flaking all day.

Famous makeup artists frequently suggest this incredible setting. In addition, there are sprays for a location that is more than just making sure your makeup stays fresh until the end.


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Indeed, using a setting spray isn’t as easy for a rush to be sprayed on your face. Make sure you follow these expert guidelines on makeup setting spray for a bouquet that lasts.

Shake the bottle to spray

Naturally, the first thing to know about making use of is shaking. There are thumbnail rules for these bottles to use, such as this. This is why this is crucial to ensure that your setting spray gets on without drips or spills.

In addition to shaking the liquid, the key ingredients may mix after being separated or lying around. Make sure to get the most of any liquid; you must are shaking it well before doing so.

Spray in a specific shape

Shaking is not the only method of shaking as a general rule, but spraying requires a specific shape for maximum effect. Keep the bottle approximately six to eight inches from your body to get the best product.

It is best to keep it at a distance to get full coverage. Makeup artists suggest spraying first in an X shape followed by in a T shape. If you’re looking to repair any marks, pour spot spray. Sometimes, it’s a good idea; however, you most likely will not need to.

Let spray dry

The final step is how to apply makeup without powder to make sure that the makeup without setting powder will keep your makeup lasts on your face. Make sure to allow your setting spray to dry naturally. Only after the mist has fully absorbed can your makeup work with everything they have.

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Here’s an inventory of the items you’ll require

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Beauty Blender/Fluffy Makeup Brush
  • Blush
  • Contour Pallet
  • Lipstick
  • Setting Spray


In this section, you will understand the fundamental procedure that how to set makeup without powder. Let’s begin by examining the process.

Step 1: Prepare Your Face

After cleansing your face apply a serum or moisturizer that will hydrate your look for the entire day. Apply the primer depending on the type of your skin. The primer helps in clogging the pores on your skin. Additionally, it helps to prevent oil production.

Step 2: Apply Foundation & Concealer

After that, apply your liquid or cream foundation to your entire neck and face. Select the shade that is close to the tone of your face. Then, apply a concealer that is lighter on your complexion. When you’ve applied them, use your moist beauty sponge and mix all the products thoroughly.

Step 3: Contour & Blush

Consort your cheekbones, and apply blush to your cheeks’ apples as you would typically apply makeup. It is possible to use blush based on powder or cream and contour your cheeks as you like. Highlight your upper and t-zone for a luminous appearance.

In the future, you can apply your usual eye makeup and put on lipstick to finish your appearance.

Step 4: Setting Spray

Buy a setting makeup without powder that’s appropriate for your type of skin. There are dry, oily, and sensitive skin types and combination skin. So, choose a suitable product for your skin.

However, you must hold the spray bottle at least 1 foot from your face. After that, spray the spray three times over your face so that your face is covered with the wreath. As you spread, you close your eyes and mouth.

Do not touch the face till the product is completely dried off the look. You can apply a damp cosmetic sponge to use it to your face to push the product onto your face and then set it.

The spray can block the pores and cause sweating and cause your face to become oily. It will function as a makeup powder, too. And your face will not appear cakey.

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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Fixing Makeup Without Powder

Not Using a Primer

A primer is critical in how to set makeup without powder since it provides an even surface that your foundation can stick to.

Using the Wrong Type of Foundation

If you’re only using a matte foundation may cause your makeup to look cakier. Try applying light and dewy types of foundation.

Not Blending Your Foundation Well Enough

Ensuring your foundation is well blended is essential to achieve an even look without powder.

Applying Too Much Blush

The excess blush can cause you to look like a clown, so make sure to use it in a controlled manner.

Not Cutting Your False Lashes Enough

False mascara can make your eyes appear as if to explode from your head. So be cautious when applying them and only cut them into the middle.

Using a Powder That Doesn’t Control Oil

If you suffer from oily skin, applying oil control can aggravate the issue. Instead, you can try the pressed powder and oil control. Also read: How to Take Care of an Oily Nose?

Using Too Much Bronzer

It’s not necessary to appear like you’ve run 10 miles along the beach, So be careful with applying your bronzer.

Without Powder or Foundation, Here are Some Tips for Flawless Makeup

I’m sure that the foundation is the base of all makeup. But let’s be honest. What is the best option if you don’t have the proper foundation? how to set makeup without powder? What’s then? Don’t worry; I’m here for you. Here are my ways to achieve an elegant look without any question that how to set makeup without powder:

Cleanse your face using some lukewarm water. I’ve previously stated in my blog posts that there is no cleaner than water. It can remove all the dust and remnants of makeup from your skin.

Apply a large amount of moisturizer to your face. Make sure that the moisturizer is suitable for your type of skin.

Don’t apply makeup immediately after moisturizing your skin. It would help if you waited at least 10 minutes.

Apply concealer on your face. Rub the areas using tissue until the excess oil disappears. After that, apply the concealer.

Then, highlight specific areas using a liquid highlighter. Use a cream blush as well as a bronzer for your eyes.

What happens if the setting powder doesn’t match the tone of your skin? It is possible to still achieve a fantastic look using these tips on applying makeup without powder. Nothing can stop you from getting a stunning look if you’ve learned the techniques.

Frequently Ask Questions

What else can you make instead of powder to set?

Baby powder and cornstarch absorb excess oil and give you a matte, flawless look of a traditional translucent powder. It leaves it soft and smooth. This makes them the perfect substitute for premium transparent powders.

How to set foundation without powder or spray?

Setting powders are made to take excess moisture and oil off your face. “Because the skin is a porous surface and produces oil, you want to set your face makeup with powder to help it last longer without melting away,” Almodovar declares.

What tools can you make use of to make your makeup last?

It is possible to use the setting spray and a powder to maintain your makeup with no wrinkles. It is also possible to apply powder loosely to the foundation or concealer and allow it to “bake” on your face for a few minutes to aid in setting your makeup.

Is it possible to use water as a spray to set?

If you’ve over-powdered your face, and it’s lost its shine, spray with a tiny amount of water. It’s possible to fill your bottle of spray or choose one similar to the Evian mist. It instantly returns your makeup to an attractive glow! Could also try a moisturizer.


I hope that now you’ve got your answer on how to set makeup without powder that you don’t need to apply the setting powder if you do not wish to. It is possible to make your makeup look more polished using the setting spray, a transparent powder, or even make yourself a setting powder from scratch! It’s straightforward to create your setting powder from scratch at home.

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