How to clean eyelash extensions

How to Clean Eyelash Extensions?

Here we discuss how to clean eyelash extensions? The primary purpose of lash extensions is to make the lashes appear larger and more full without makeup. But, you can continue to wear eyeliners or shadows if you want; however, you must be sure to spend the time and effort required to remove the makeup.

Allowing makeup to accumulate near your extensions might cause them to fall out prematurely and create irritation on your eyes. However, some don’t always have the best intentions for makeup removers after an exhausting day. This is why makeup is usually unsuitable.

How to Clean Eyelash Extensions?

It’s always recommended to start cleaning dirty eyelash extensions after they fully heal after the initial 48-hours.

Below are some steps on how to keep lash extensions in good condition.

  • To begin, you must remove the eye makeup. It is possible to get rid of the eye makeup by using oil-free removers with a wet cotton tip.
  • Following that, you must take off the foundation. A cleanser that isn’t oily should accomplish this task.
  • Make sure to wet your eyelashes with water.
  • Apply a small amount of mascara shampoo to each lash. Use a cleanser brush to apply the shampoo.
  • Rinse it thoroughly by rinsing it with water.
  • Dry the lashes with an oiled towel (lint-free).
  • Make use of a clean mascara brush to get that perfect curl.

Avoid Wearing Any Mascara or Eyeliner:

Avoid glycerin and other oil-based products for makeup. Lindsay Ford explains that

“Oil-based or viscose makeup items cause the adhesive to disintegrate early and eyelash rapidly falls out .To keep lashes healthier, use mineral-based or eyelash outgrowth lipstick.”

Eyeliners as makeup products that aren’t recommended for eyelashes should be avoided since they tangle and damage Types of eyelash extensions and the main lash, putting quite so much weight upon that hair strand.” Bellalash mascara is the product she recommends for this reason.

Use a Silk Pillowcase:

Here’s a suggestion that we have created. Sometimes, pillowcases made of cotton can be a nuisance to your lashes which you do not wish to occur. We suggest using a satin or silk cushion case in place of a cotton one to prevent catching your lashes when you sleep.

Use an Oil-Free Makeup Remover:

The makeup products and preferences aside, the first step to a successful cleansing process is choosing formulations specifically created for extensions of lashes. Certain products might contain substances that damage the link between your beauty treatments or begin to fall out prematurely,” 

At a minimum, ensure that any cleanser or eye makeup remover that you apply near your extensions is not oily. This is a crucial tip because some of the web’s most well-known cleanser brands contain oil.

“use those pumps of the removal on a spoolie brushing or a biodegradable eyelash wand and comb through so many times will breakdown the makeup and clear any debris,”

You can try cleansing products that check off each of the boxes, like the one offered by Bella Lash. Lash Detox ($23) and Lash Cleanser With Makeup Remover ($8) are popular aftercare products for a reason. They gently sweep away debris and bacteria to keep your eyes and lashes healthy and strong. These cleaners are perfect for removing makeup because they aren’t oil-based like most conventional makeup removers.

Bicarbonate Of soda Eyelash Cleanser & Baby Oil:

Here’s What You Need:

  • Distilled water
  • Foam pump bottle
  • One tablespoon of shampoo for babies
  • One tablespoon Baking soda
  • Add baking soda as well as baby shampoo into the bottle. Add the distilled water.
  • Cover the lid with a lid and shake until all the ingredients are combined and dissolve.

The list of ingredients in a good lash cleanser will contain:

It is vital to purchase high-quality professional cleansing foams, such as the bl eyelash extension cleanser, which deeply cleanses, helps nourish, and protects natural lashes.

BL Lash Foam cleanser is created to wash away any makeup, get rid of all dirt, and kill bacteria without drying the skin or dissolving the adhesive of the lash. Let’s take a look at why a competent BL foaming cleanser was created to use on your sensitive eyes without causing damage.

Foam Cleansers 

Foam cleanser foams up into creamy or milky consistency when combined with water. They are often used for wash-offs for the face. They also make an excellent cleaning agent for eyelash extensions. Utilizing a foam cleanser to wash your wings is the same as using Micellar water. You must soak your cleansing brush in water before mixing it into the foam cleanser. Water aids in lathering and making foam which makes the meetings extremely effective for getting rid of dirt and makeup off your extensions.

Witch Hazel

Is witch hazel good for eyelashes? Witch hazel can be a fantastic alternative to baby shampoo when you want to create a lash cleanser with no baby shampoo. Witch hazel has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is frequently employed as a cleanser for the skin. Witch hazel is also excellent for cleaning the extensions of your eyelashes since it will help remove oily makeup and natural oils created from your own body.

There are cleansing products on the market, which contain witch hazel. However, should you decide to make and apply your own, make a mixture of 1 part witch hazel and 1 part water? Brush on your extensions using the makeup brush, and then rinse your lashes lightly with water to wash them off.

Essential to be patient for at least 24 hours before you start (unless your technician claims to have snapped and cures them’ with misters; however, some don’t, and we are trying it out; however, at present, we are still happy with our waiting 24-hours-a-day policy) before they wet them.

If you think you suffer from Blepharitis, it is essential to determine if you have an allergic reaction to adhesives for eyelashes or to ensure that you don’t have an underlying eye disease. Contact your doctor or pharmacist for advice on medical issues first.

Can you use micellar water to clean eyelash extensions?

How to wash eyelash extensions? How to clean eyelash extensions with micellar water? Micellar water is a multi-purpose cleaner that’s also called soft water.

 Best micellar water for eyelash extensions contains two essential ingredients:

  • Water Purified Water
  • Mild surfactants: that are used to clean

When the tiny surfactant molecules are mixed, they are suspended, forming microscopic spheres known as micelles.

Micelles are magnets that therefore attract oil and dirt. Even the most challenging makeup products melt quickly and fall off after applying micellar waters. The number of ingredients in micellar water makes it an excellent cleanser regardless of your makeup.

In the end that the surfactants in micellar waters don’t leave left on the skin following usage. It’s the reason people who suffer from sensitive skin should stay clear of micellar waters since they can cause breakouts, dry skin, etc.

How often should you clean your eyelash extensions?

Your eyelash extensions should be cleaned at least once a week. Light dirt can be removed by scrubbing the area with warm water. It is a good idea to clean them at night after removing any makeup.

Be careful with your eye makeup. 

Don’t use cream eyeshadows. Instead, use powdered shadows as you would normally, focusing on the corners of your eyes. Liquid eyeliner can cause damage to your extensions. Do not use mascara. It can damage your hair and make them look and feel dry.

Do not rub your eyes. 

Avoid pulling, tugging, or scratching at your lashes. If you don’t watch, this can cause lashes to become loose and clumpy.

Invest in a spoolie-wand:

The spoolie brush looks similar to a mascara brush. This little tool can make a big difference in your lashes. The spoolie meeting can help separate lashes from extensions that tend to cross over with time. Use the spoolie to sweep the lashes. Close your eyes. You can also keep them in tip-top condition to prevent them from falling out.

Get rid of any residue:

You should remove your false lashes using your fingers or a wire to remove the glue. To remove any residue, you can use a Q tip or a clean mascara brush to clean it. To maximize the wear of your falsies, she recommends that you wash them immediately after each use.

Cara Lovello, a celebrity makeup artist, recommends that you use an oil-free makeup remover to get rid of any glue residue or makeup leftovers. She advises that lashes should not be wet to preserve their shape.

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How to Care for Eyelash Extensions?

How to keep eyelash extensions clean? Do you wonder why your lash extensions don’t stay on for three days? Unfortunately, you might be missing essential care tips. Here are some ways to make sure they stay under control.

Make sure they are clean:

Cleaning your lashes is the best way to maintain healthy, long-lasting lash extensions. Cleansing your eyelashes with a specially-formulated foaming cleanser will revive them.

Avoid friction:

It is unsafe to rub your lashes when they are itchy or while you’re washing them. You can treat your lashes gently with a silk pillow to minimize friction and contact.

Use lash extension-friendly products:

Avoid moisturizing, cleansers, and makeup removers that contain oils, parabens, and alcohol.

Refills available:

You can extend the life and length of your lashes by scheduling refill appointments every two weeks to keep them whole. The technician will clean and grow your lashes to give them a beautiful, fresh look.

Eye makeup is not a priority:

Even without mascara or eye makeup, lash extensions can make your eyes sparkle. To slow down the accumulation and premature lash fall, avoid eye makeup.

Stronger Adhesive Bond:

Did you ever try to stick a piece of tape or a sticker on something? Is it possible? It might be for a split second. It will pop off if you apply any pressure! Adhesive works in the same way as adhesive for dirty lashes. Adhesive will not work if the lashes are covered in makeup or dirty. Make sure the glue has every chance to form a strong bond.

If your clients keep coming back to you with natural lashes and dirty lash extensions, it might be time to break up. You might need to end the relationship. This is not a fun conversation, but it can be a reminder to think about those clients who see your lashes. It is a reflection on your work (and not accurate).

Use cold water to wash your hands:

To reduce the risk of glue or melting:

  1. Use cold water.
  2. Use a lash extension shampoo and a mascara brush to work the shampoo into a thick lather.
  3. Use the lather on your lashes to clean them.
  4. Apply the lather to both your upper and lower lashes. Your lower lashes will contact your extensions every time you blink or close your eyes.

Fake Lash Hygiene:

To prevent bacteria from causing redness or agitation, it is recommended to clean your lash extensions. Cleaning your lashes can extend their life.

Step 1: Remove the glue residue

You’ll notice the adhesive residue on the base of your eyelash extensions if you look carefully enough. The remaining adhesive should be removed so that it can be re-glued when you’re done using them.

Step 2: Create a cleaning solution

Warm water and soap can be added to a small bowl or sink. Liquid makeup remover can be added to the water.

Step 3: Clean your lashes

TSubmergeyour false eyelashes in your water/cleansing solution. to encourage mascara and other makeup to disappear

Step 4: Let them dry

Make sure to clean your lashes and remove any residue. You can also dry them if you are in a hurry. You’ll find it challenging to reapply your lashes next time, and you will soon have false lashes covered in mascara. You’ll get more use of your lashes if you keep them clean. It will also prevent bacteria from entering your eyes.

Without the need for a Brush, How to Cleanse Eyelash Extensions?

Use a Q-tip to clean eyelash extensions if you do not have a brush. It’s an excellent alternative since it’s something you may already have in your home. The soft cotton tips will not harm the eyelashes (if you apply the pressure gently) and can help absorb contaminants on your lashes’ surface.

Here’s What You Need To Do:

The first step Dip the cotton tip of your Q-tip into an oil-free makeup remover for your eyes.

The second step – Gently cleanse both sides of the eyelashes. Start from the root towards the tip, then apply gentle pressure

The third step Rinse the lashes using tap water; repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until you have clear lashes.

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What Happens if You Don’t Clean Lashes?

Inability to wash your extensions can result in inflammation and itchiness of the eyelids. You likely rub your lashes for hours to ease the itchy sensation. Your extensions could fall off at the end of the day, and your eyelids may become irritated.

Excessively dirty lash extensions can be the cause of blepharitis dirty eyelash extensions. Blepharitis is an inflammation that occurs in the eyelids when dead skin and dirt accumulate in the eyelashes and creates an ideal atmosphere for bacteria to thrive.

As bacteria multiply and multiply, they form clusters that are called biofilms. They are found in the eyelids. Biofilms from bacteria attract parasitic mites, known as Demodex. They feed on dead skin cells. When they are inundated, they cause skin irritation, redness, and painful eyelid irritation.

Bacteria can also release endotoxins. These chemicals infect already inflamed eyelids, causing additional inflammation. Although it’s not life-threatening, it does cause lots of itching. You may not be able to wear extensions on your lashes for some time. If you don’t know how to wash lash extensions at home, you may be misled into thinking that eye allergies cause Blepharitis.

Some of the signs that could indicate Blepharitis are:

  • White flakes that are visible in your mascara
  • The burning sensation that you feel in your eyelashes
  • Redness
  • Eye dryness
  • Watery eyes
  • Their eyes are gritty and irritated.

The majority of these signs become evident in the morning when you get up. Blepharitis goes away when you implement the correct lash cleaning program. Always consult your physician If you suspect you may have this type of infection.

Do I have to wear Eye Makeup with Lash Extensions?

Yes, you can! Although most of our clients choose extensions for lashes to eliminate makeup, there are a few who prefer to go all glamour. While applying eye makeup using extensions is possible, you must follow these steps to ensure that your eyelashes last for as long as possible!

  • Make sure to remove it all after the day. It’s crucial to altogether remove any makeup you’ve put on at the end of the day to avoid causing inflammation or buildup.
  • Beware of alcohol-based and oil-based makeup products since these ingredients could cause the premature breakdown of the lash adhesive. Makeup Products that are alcohol-free and free of oil are the best choice!

How to Clean Magnetic Lashes?

Cleaning magnetic eyelashes are the same as cleaning mink lashes. You will first need to hold the lash close to the band to ensure it isn’t attached to any other magnetic lashes. To remove any magnetic liner that has dried, you can use your thumbnail to scrape it off. Use a Q-tip to run along the lash line, including the magnetic part, with an oil-free or micellar-water-based makeup remover. Finally, dry the lashes before applying another coat.

Is Clean your eyelashes essential?

Eye infections are often caused by bacteria buildup or lack of cleanliness. It is possible to prevent them from developing by cleaning your eyelashes. You will also get more value for your money as the lashes will last longer. Lovello says that washing your lash extensions extends the time for the glue to dry. Also, you can wear them again and again by cleaning them. It’s a win-win situation.

When is the best time to remove your eyelash extensions?

  • Cleanse your extensions of lashes at least once every two days or daily If you’re wearing eye makeup or suffer from oily skin, eyelids.
  • I suggest cleaning your extensions of the lashes every late at night to get rid of the day’s makeup oils, dust, and dirt.
  • Ensure to clean your lashes after activities like exercise, swimming, using sunscreen (make sure that your sunscreen is free of oils). Chlorine, sweat, salt, and oils must be removed immediately from the extensions to ensure the lash adhesive’s strength.

Do I need to brush my lashes daily?

Yes. It is essential to cleanse, nourish, and shield your lashes daily. This BL Deep Foam Cleanse was designed to remove all traces of foundation, remove debris, and destroy bacteria neither drying the skin nor tearing down the lash glue.

The benefits of regular lash extensions cleaning

  • The clients who wash their lashes properly between appointments will have many additional lashes compared to those who don’t wash their lashes at all (or cleanse improperly). Refilling shouldn’t happen if you have no lashes left. The time to fill in is when you begin to notice the gaps ( ideally, when 50 percent of your lashes are gone). This will ensure that your lashes always appear healthy and whole.
  • Most clients who have average lash growth, which appears after well-applied lashes, can last three weeks between refills and come back with half of their lashes remaining. If you do not see these results, it’s time to review your routine for home care to determine what’s wrong.

I hope you learned a lot from this that how to clean eyelash extensions? Also, see this article How to Get Eyelash Glue Off?

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