can you put mascara on eyelash extensions

Can you Put Mascara on Eyelash Extensions? Is it Bad

Are you wondering if you apply mascara to eyelash extensions? Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions? (Why were Fake Eyelashes Invented?) Even after Purchasing extensions for your eyelashes, not wearing mascara can make us feel bare and old habits can be hard to break. That said, do you apply mascara on the extensions, or could you damage the new ones?

Yes, it is possible to continue applying mascara to your lash extensions as long as you own an old-fashioned set.

Classic lash extensions increase thickness for people who already have natural lashes. The look you get after using classic extensions is comparable to that of an excellent mascara. Volume lash extensions add many lash strands to every natural lash, resulting in a dramatic voluminous appearance.

If you have classic lashes and wish to keep using mascara, You’re in luck. We’ll cover all the details of wearing mascara with traditional extensions. Find out how to put mascara on wings confidently, can you put mascara on eyelash extensions, and the best mascaras to apply – and which ones to stay clear of.

Types of Mascara That You Can Use On Lash Extensions

It doesn’t matter if you’re drawn to plant-based mascara or one that is organic, but not all high-end products are suitable for eye Types of eyelash extensions. Instead, you should choose a water-based mascara designed only for false lashes.

While most mascaras are made with ingredients, oils, and artificial waxes, the water-based ones are made using natural pH levels. They’re also safe for skin with sensitive areas in the eye area. Dry quickly. They are easily eliminated with only warm water.

In general, the product doesn’t contain oils and silicone-based products. There may be beeswax, witch hazel, pro-vitamin B5, fruit extracts, and Chamomile. Check out eyelash extension mascara that has all the ingredients you need.

Can you use oil free Mascara on Eyelash Extensions?

Do you want to show off your eyelash extensions as long as possible? Beware of mascaras and makeup products that contain oil. Seriously. Oil-free makeup and mascara is the best option for extensions for your lashes. Oil-based eyeliners and mascaras can weaken the bonds holding the wings, leading to one of two possible consequences:

The glue you put on your lashes breaks and re-dry and makes some of your lashes adhere to each other. The oils dissolve the glue completely, and the eyelash extensions fall off. Sounds like a lovely scenario? I wasn’t sure.

It is also essential to stay clear of carbonate or glycol mascara, as they can interfere with the glue you put on the extensions. The adhesive bond formed between your falsies and your lash line is the primary factor in extending the life of your lashes, and water-based mascaras are the most gentle product to use for delicate lash extensions.

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Different Types Of Mascara To Avoid Worst

Alongside any oils-based cosmetics, there are various kinds of mascaras to be wary of:

1. Tube Mascara

Tube mascara isn’t the same as mascara that is in tubes. The type of mascara used includes polymers that form “tubes” over each eyelash. This is great if without extensions.

If you apply mascara in tubes on your extensions, it will adhere to them as cement and will be challenging to take off. It is possible to damage extensions by using this type of mascara.

2. Mascara Waterproof

Waterproof mascara isn’t easy to get off in the most challenging circumstances. It’s one of the worst things you can do to your extensions. They are designed to remain in your natural eyelashes; however, they can cause your extensions to become brittle.

The removal of waterproof mascara from your lash extensions is a problem by itself. Using a solid makeup remover is essential to get off your mascara. This will ensure the future of the wings.

3. Fiber Mascara

This kind of mascara is tough to remove. This type of mascara gives you the appearance of lash extensions by adding fibers and extension lashes to increase length and volume. Why do you add additional attachments when they already give you the same impression?

Why and Are you Allowed to Wear Mascara with Eyelash Extensions?

Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions? Here’s the reason you should put mascara on your false lashes.

  • The lash extensions on your lashes appear thicker, and your eyes appear bolder and more radiant.
  • A mascara with a contrasting color can alter the shade of the lashes.*
  • It can lengthen and increase your length of false extensions.*
  • If your extensions for lashes are sluggish and you require an extra set, 2 or 3 coats of mascara could increase the size of your false lashes.
  • Certain mascaras contain natural ingredients, such as peptides, stem cell complexes, vitamin E biotin, and Keratin. They can aid in the growth of your natural lashes and keep them healthy.

What mascaras are suitable for extensions of your lashes? Let’s review how to clean eyelash extensions?

Why Don’t You Wear Mascara With Lash Extensions?

If you can stay clear of using mascara that has extensions, it’s most beneficial. The mascara you use will add the weight of your extension, which puts stress on the glue that holds your lashes and the natural ones. The removal is a complicated and delicate process, and even the gentlest mascara could cause the slightest loss of lashes.

Furthermore, the search for a mascara that is suitable to wear with extensions on your lashes is very challenging. We’ll provide you with suggestions on the types of mascara you could apply, but the gist part is you should stay clear of mascaras that are difficult to get off or has oils. So, makeup that is safe for you to use with extensions is those that are least likely to get smudged or run after sweating or becoming oily.

If you’re wearing classic extensions for your lashes, you may be able to put on some mascara; however, with other types, attachments are not allowed. The volume and Russian volume-style lashes will be excessively heavy when you apply mascara.

Method For Applying Mascara To Eye lash Extensions: How to Use

  1. When applying mascara to the extension of your eyelashes, it is essential to be cautious.
  2. I’ve discovered that the best way to apply mascara is to concentrate on the middle to the tip region of the extension and stay clear of the root.
  3. Apply mascara beginning from the base of the lashes to the tip, the wings become heavy, and there is a chance that they will pull the lashes out and not only cause damage but also reduce the strength of the extensions.
  4. Another method to extend the life extension is to apply an oil-free mascara remover.
  5. If you’re trying to stay clear of using mascara completely, I suggest simple Extensions. It’s simple and easy to apply the products, which will help your natural eyelashes to get a thick and long appearance.
  6. In addition, it’s an excellent alternative to mascara.
  7. One of the best features that Extensions offer is the ability to select the length and thickness of your extensions to match the style you want.
  8. This means that you naturally have long, thick eyelashes that are hard to spot even nearby.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Which mascaras are extensions compatible with?

It’s hard to make this clear because the truth is that any mascara can cause more damage than good during the lifetime of your extensions.
When choosing the best mascara for your lash extensions, look for specialized mascaras and those that aren’t oil-based. Water-based mascara is essential. The majority of specialty brands concentrate on ingredients that don’t damage your glue, but mascara itself is easy to clean off.

How long do I have to wear mascara?

We suggest waiting until after the 24-hour rest period before applying your oil-free mascara. The new lashes will have time to develop a secure link to the natural lashes.

Should I wear make-up for my appointment to extend my eyelashes?

Nope. You’ll need to show up to your appointment with fresh skin and free eye makeup. That’s right, no eyeliner, eyeshadow, or mascara. Anything on your lids or lashes can affect the look of your extensions. Make sure you wash your face before applying mascara.

Do you clean your face using extensions for your eyelashes?

You may think that washing your lashes with soap will cause them to fall off more quickly; however, essential to wash off any buildup that could cause breakage.


Can you wear eyelash extensions with mascara? Absolutely! So long as you pick an excellent water-based mascara that is of high quality or one designed specifically for extensions and then take it off using a water-based makeup remover, you can wear both without any worries. In conclusion, Keep these guidelines in your mind:

  • Do not apply mascara beginning at the bottom of the lashes. Start with the middle and work your way to the end.
  • Do not apply oil-based products. This includes makeup removers, mascaras removers, and other cleansers that affect the eye area.
  • Do not rub or tug or pull on your eyelashes.
  • Make sure to wear mascara explicitly designed for extensions.
  • You should ask the lash technician which type of lashes they recommend and what products they recommend if you are planning to wear mascara.

Be sure you maintain your appointments for fill and adhere to a consistent lash routine!

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