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Are there any Hair Dryer Side Effects?

The majority of us use hair dryers all the time. Most users use it to ensure that they can prepare for work quickly. Hairdryers will give you a stunning look. It’s been noticed that both genders are using these tools. Extreme weather, cold winds, and dust are your hair’s enemies to be aware of. Dryers can help in keeping your hair dry and clean. A variety of hairdryers are available to help you get rid of the moisture and allow you to style your hair however you want.

Exposure of your hair to wet and windy conditions can cause severe headaches and cold. This is why you require a blower for your hair to dry your hair and keep it warm and safe. However, is it okay to make use of heat blowers frequently? Are they healthy for the growth of your hair? Many questions remain regarding their use; everything you have to know is covered in the Benefits of Wholesale flat irons and drawbacks of hairdryer machines. These devices are beneficial, but the exact, they can cause adverse hair dryer side effects associated with hairdryers too. There are two main benefits of using a hairdryer like

  • Rapid drying
  • Style perfection

However, there are some negative consequences too.

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Hairdryers of Different Types: Which Type of Hair Dryer is Best?

Based on various heating and working techniques, You can categorize hairdryers into four different types.

  1. Ionic hair dryers
  2. A hairdryer made from porcelain, ceramic or
  3. Tourmaline hairdryer
  4. Titanium hairdryer

Every individual has their hairstyle and structure and can pick the type of hair dryer they prefer. The various types of hair dryers have been made to handle different kinds of hair, including thin hair, curly hair, frizzy, coarse hair, thick hair, and fine hair.

Product Review on the Hairdryers of Different Types

Ionic Dryer: Revlon

Long, thick hair will typically take a long time to dry. An ionic hair dryer breaks down water particles inside the coat, causing it to evaporate more quickly, thus increasing the drying speed. The use of Ionic hair dryers will cut drying time in half.

Special Feature

  • The Revlon 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ion Light Dryer features tourmaline ion technology that gives volume, shine, and more healthy styles.
  • The dryer has an indicator light for an ion with different speed and heat rocker switches, two heat and speed settings, a cold shot switch, hinged lid bumpers that are non-slip, and finger diffusers and concentrators.
  • This ultralight dryer weighs 25% less than the typical dryer and features an elegant, sleek design.


  • This unit is very silent and fast drying.
  • Perfect Heat Revlon 1875W Fast Dry Light Dryer:
  • The power of 1875 Watts
  • Triple baked ceramic for even heat distribution
  • Two heat/speed settings to give you complete dryness and style flexibility
  • The cold shot button lets excellent airflow through to keep you cool.
  • Included are diffuser and concentrator adapters.
  • A power output of 175 watts.


  • Ionic hair brush disadvantages is that it is not appropriate for fashion

Ceramic Hairdryers: Elchim Healthy

Dying time decreased by over 30 percent. Light, quiet, and well-balanced airflow hydrates and helps make hair shiny due to its ionic and ceramic system. (LOW EMF). Two airspeeds and three temperatures. Power 220-240 W 2000-2000 V Even the thickest hair is drenched with hair cuticles. A ceramic and ionic system that preserves hair’s integrity.

Special Feature

  • Ceramic and Ionic systems give hair shine ergonomic and light. Airflow: 53 (cfm)
  • A powerful motor with up to 2300 W power to deliver rapid and efficient results.
  • Air concentrator nozzle to ensure the precise drying and perfect finishing of hair and diffuser to create natural volume and volume in curly hair
  • Three temperature selectors to adjust to the hairstyle you choose
  • It also has a cold air button that can fix the hairstyle


  • A faster dry time can lead to less energy use and the time you spend exposing your hair to the heat.
  • There is also the button to blow cold air whenever you need it.
  • Top-quality products


Little small diffuser size

Tourmaline Hairdryer: Shark HD113BRN Hyperair

Shark(TM) HyperAIR delivers premium air power and advanced intelligence to provide a simple and healthy hair-care experience. HyperAIR IQ Technology intelligently combines high-velocity heated and Ionized air for fast drying, with no damage from heat and hairstyles that last. Connect your IQ 2-in-1 Concentrator as well as the IQ Curl-Defining Diffuser. The Shark(TM) intelligently adjusts the temperature and airflow setting for you.

Special Feature

  • It comes complete with Shark HyperAir, IQ 2-in-1 Concentrator, IQ Styling Brush, and Small Cleaning Brush. It is modern in design and is exceptionally light.
  • This dryer is equipped with features and adds attachments such as Curl-Defining.
  • Smart heat control monitors heat output up to 1,000 times in a second.
  • This is making sure you have constant temperature and even air distribution to allow for a quick, even drying so you don’t have to worry about severe heat-related damage.


  • Styles that last The HyperAIR’s automatic optimization of settings for airflow and heat ensure maximum outcomes.
  • Negative Ion Generator Improves softness and shines while reducing the frizz and flyaway (vs. drying with air).
  • Flexibility and power for any hair type: A powerful fast-drying hair dryer suitable for curly, straight, wavy, and frizzy hair.
  • The button for cold shot. This helps to close the cuticle. It will also smooth hair after styling for silky and frizz-free hair.


  • Noise

Titanium Hairdryer: BaBylissPRO Nano

This powerful 2500-watt BYLISSPRO Nano Titanium Portofino hairdryer features Nano titanium technology and creates gentle heat and even shiny locks! Includes a filter with an ad-hoc option. This hair dryer uses Nano titanium Ionic technology to combat static electricity and seal the cuticle to ensure shiny hair.

Special Feature

  • It is a durable device with extreme power and smooth and silky outcomes;
  • This dryer gives you the perfect blow-dry every time.
  • Its ergonomic design is incredibly lightweight, allowing for simple, effortless handling.
  • It lets you create and shape your locks with no fuss.


  • If you’re looking for a quality brand, BaBylissPRO is one the most effective you can find at present.
  • It’s a name that is synonymous with top-quality, practical, and modern tools for hairstyling, such as hair straightness.
  • Titanium plates are considerably lighter than ceramic, creating the impression that it takes more passes to get an effective straightening.
  • When correctly used, the titanium plates are a faster and more efficient option, particularly if you seek out a straightened equipped with the ability to detect heat to prevent overheating.


  • Its high reactivity means that it needs to be handled differently at every stage of its production.

How to use Hair Dryer without Damaging Hair?

  • Always prep your hair with an anti-heat spray or damage defense primer.
  • If you use round brushes or paddles to style, pick brushes composed of soft, pliable plastic. It would help if you used them gently. The forceful tugging and the brushing could result in damage.
  • Keep your dryer 6 inches from your hair. Dry the sides and back of the hair first, then work your way toward the front and crown.
  • Begin with a high velocity and high temperatures. Then as your hair begins drying, slowly lower the temperature. This will ensure that you don’t risk drying your hair too much and damaging it. Your hair should generally leave it slightly damp or even ‘just dry.’
  • Consider using the diffuser attachment if you would like the heat to spread across a more significant space. The more considerable extension, the better the heat will be dispersed. Don’t use an attachment if you’d like to dry your hair quickly.
  • For more volume and body To add body and volume, turn your hair upside down while you blow-dry. Relax your back to let the hair fall toward the floor. Carefully brush or comb it in this direction, with your dryer following in the back. This will increase the volume and bounce and reduce the possibility of tangles.

What is the Best way to Dry your Hair after Shower?

There are also many hair heater side effects. The best method of drying your hair is to use fur, yes, girls and reading. However, it’s the best choice if it is appropriately used and, for that, it is recommended to be following these tips:

  • Make sure to use it with a temperature of not more than 40 C deg.
  • It is recommended to use it at a minimum distance of 15cm.
  • It shouldn’t be employed statically or be focused on a single point for an extended period. This means that it must be utilized by performing movements.

In this way, you will get the most efficient drying of hair or, at the very least, safe.

To minimize further damage caused by the heat, thermal protectors can be employed to help reduce the damage. For more details, read thermal protectors.

Advantages of Hair Dryer

1. Make your Hair Look Shiny and Silky Smooth

Ionic hair dryers, which are modern and efficient, can give your hair a shiny appearance by injecting negative ions through your hair and breaking down positively charged ions in water molecules. What a fantastic idea!

Another advantage of ionic hair dryers is they can reduce hair drying times. It is a more secure option for hair that is susceptible to damage. It’s also highly gentle compared to traditional hairdryers as it generates less heat than your typical hairdryer.

2. Time saver

The primary benefit of using the hairdryer is, of course, the ability to dry hair in a short time. A few of us don’t need to wait for our hair to naturally dry. We all know it’s best to air-dry your hair; however, the time it’d be to wait for it to dry is too long for some people. Don’t be concerned the same as every other item in your everyday life; the issue is not just about the instrument but how you utilize it!

Ionic hair dryers, which are modern and efficient, can give your hair a shiny appearance by releasing negative ions through your hair, causing them to break down positively charged ions in water molecules. Wow! Another advantage of ionic hair dryers is they can reduce drying time. This makes it a safer option for hair that is susceptible to damage. It’s also very gentle compared to standard hairdryers since it generates less heat than your typical hairdryer.

3. Appropriate for pet owners

A hairdryer is a must. It is a unique and efficient tool for your pet’s hair as well. It isn’t easy to dry their hair as it is for you to do it. If you own an animal friend, Don’t be apprehensive about it this time. Instead, give an easy blow-dry to your beloved pet this time, at a warm and comfortable temperature. Set the heat setting to low and remain away from your furry friend.

4. Other Advantages of Hair Dryer

If you’re wondering about the many ways that using a High speed hair dryer is beneficial, This article will assist you in identifying some repairable issues. It is possible to descale your mirror in the bathroom, dry your clothes after washing or blow-dry personal care items like toothbrushes or nail paint and defrost frozen food quicker.

Disadvantages of Hair Dryer

There are many side effects of hair dryer often. A few of the most severe side effects of using hair dryer are described in the following paragraphs:

Despite all the advantages and benefits, There are a few downsides to hairdryers. Regular and prolonged usage of the hairdryer may cause various uncomfortable results for hair. Here are a few Ionic hairdryer risks.

1. Drying excessively weakens hair follicles

If you are using a hairdryer daily, it’s time to limit its use since it can weaken hair follicles which in turn causes damage due to prolonged exposure to temperatures. Hair dryer effects the Follicles and they get weaker, and the scalp’s pores are opened, increasing the risk of hair loss over the long term. Dryers can help you achieve your look; however, they can alter the health of your hair.

2. Overheating Effects of Hair Dryer

Most people do not realize what temperature is appropriate for their heads. You must know what hair type and style your hair is, according to which you can decide the temp of your hairdryer. Most people dry their hair till they start experiencing hotness on their scalps. The ideal temperature for drying your hair is 45 degrees. Blowing dry hair daily without knowing how to control the temperature can cause burning to your scalp.

3. Hair Dryers Weaken the Thread

The hair also needs water to nourish. The water gets to the scalp during shampooing or showering. Blowing dry after showering does not just affect hair follicle’s health and takes away the most moisture needed to maintain the growth of a hair strand. If you are constantly drying your hair with hairdryers, you’re more likely to suffer scalp dehydration, split ends, or hair breakage.

4. Dryers for hair can impact the hearing

The squealing sound could be disruptive to your hearing when you blow-dry your hair over an extended period. The loud and piercing sound and the speed of the hairdryer are like the sound of jet engines. If you do not keep your blower enough near your ears, the device could harm your ear’s function. The recommended distance to use a hairdryer is 15cm. Its also considered in disadvantages of hair dryer.

5. Hairdryers Emanate EMF

EMFs are not an original scientific idea. As with other electronic and electric appliances, high-frequency EMF makes hairdryers. It is the second most close to your body, following your phone. Excessive EMF can alter your behavior and trigger stress levels (irritation and lack of sleep). In some instances, you could also develop electro-sensitive.

6. Hair loss

Prolonged use of blow dryers can result in hair loss. If your hair’s stiff and dry, make sure only to use the blow dryer when it is required. Additionally, it would help if you kept oiling the hair.

7. Give complete nutrition on time

Daily using hair dryer side effects; If you need to blow-dry your hair regularly, you must provide complete nourishment for your hair. In addition to applying oil from time to time, use a hair pack to the hair. This will ensure that the look stays and the hair is still on the head.

Hair Dryer Safety Precautions

1. Distance

If you are using hair dryers, keep in mind that the dryer is 6-9 inches away from the hair. If this doesn’t happen, the stomach will grow in hair, and the hair breaks down fast.

2. Serums

numerous popular names of hair products available on the market. It is easy to search for it to learn more about it. If you already have the serum, apply it before using a hairdryer and apply the serum to the hair to ensure that the drying heat doesn’t cause any damage to the hair, and the hair must be smooth and soft.

3. Temperature

It’s better to use a hairdryer suited to the type of hair you have. Suppose your hair is rough, curly, or silky by the set temperature.

4. Hair Conditioning

 Don’t neglect to apply a hair conditioner before using the dryer. When you do not use the dryer correctly, hair becomes caught in dryness and results in them breaking.

5. Cold Dryer

Always make sure to use a cold dryer because the dryer has more electrons inside it, which are positive, and the air absorbs less heat.

6. Hair oiling

 If you use hair dryers regularly and do it regularly, then make sure to perform regular oiling for your hair to ensure that your hair gets sufficient nutrition. The frequent usage of the hairdryer eats away the nutritional value of hair.

7. Healthy Foods

Take extra attention to your diet and drinks to ensure that your hair is vital. It is also possible to nourish the hair by adding green vegetables, amla curd, juice, and more to their meals.

How to Treat Burned Scalp from Hair Dryer?

  • When you leave after having a shower, there’ll be some water inside the hair follicles’ hair strands. After showering, you use the hairdryer to dry your hair quickly and ensure perfect styling.
  • When you do this, you overlook one fact: the scalp’s moisture will be heated and evaporate. This can push hair fibers apart and empty spaces.
  • These gaps can result in significant damage and cause breakage in your hair.
  • Hair roots can become weak due to the explosion of heat. In the end, your hair won’t be connected to your scalp the way they were before.
  • If when we dry out our hair by using towels and if we repeatedly employ a towel, it could cause broken hair and also hair dryer effects on scalp. If you’d like to safeguard your hair’s scalp, then the best option is for your hair to dry on its own.
  • It is recommended to stay clear of using a stiff bristle or paddle brush to style hair. If your hair is damp, you can use the wide-toothed hair comb.

What can you do to Turn the Negatives of Hairdryers into Positives?

There are a few disadvantages of using hair dryers daily. But, if you’re already used to using these devices, you can turn these negatives into positives through small changes. Hairdryers can be used regularly without serious adverse side effects.

  • Do not frequently blow-dry your hair.
  • Use hair care products that are effective to limit the damage.
  • Do not rub the hair using a prior cloth drying to remove the moisture.
  • Utilize low settings for hair dryers to limit the harm.
  • Use brushes to prevent direct heat that is applied to the head.
  • Maintain the nozzle at a distance from your hair.
  • Dry your hair quickly.
  • Don’t use a hairdryer for the most extended amount of time.

Hair Dryer Safety Requirements

The concept behind hair dryers is straightforward; however, making one for mass-market consumption is a lot of thought and planning about security features. Manufacturers must anticipate how their hairdryers could be misused. They then attempt to create a safe item in the most diverse environments.

Apart from these ground fault circuit interrupters that we discovered on the previous page. Here are additional safety features that hair dryers typically have:

  • Cut-off safety switches: Your scalp may be burned by temperatures greater than 140°F (approximately 60 ° Celsius) (source: Hardin]. To ensure that the air flowing from the barrel does not reach the required temperature, all hair dryers come with a sensor that senses heat, activates the circuit, and then shuts off the motor if the temperature is too high.
  • Bimetallic Strip: is composed of two sheets of metal that expand when heated but in different amounts. When the temperature increases inside the hairdryer, the strip gets heated up and bends because one sheet grows more extensive over the others. It activates the switch to cut off power to the dryer when it reaches a specific level.
  • Thermal fuse: To further protect against overheating and possibly catching fire, it is common to have an integrated thermal fuse in the circuit that controls the heating element. The fuse can blow and cause the course to fail when the current and temperature are high enough.
  • Insulation:  If you don’t have the proper insulation, the surface of the dryer will be extremely hot to the surface. If you were to grab it by the barrel after you used it, it could cause burns to your hand. To avoid this, hairdryers come with a heating shield composed of an insulating material part of the plastic barrel.
  • Screens to protect: When you draw air into your hairdryer when the fan blades rotate, various other items outside of the hairdryer also get attracted towards air intake. You’ll notice an aluminum mesh screen over the air holes on the opposite end of the hairdryer.
  • Grille in front: The bottom of the barrel of the hairdryer is protected by a grill made of a material that can stand up to the heat generated by the dryer. The screen makes it hard for little children (or any other people who are especially curious) to put their fingers or any other object inside the drying barrel, which could cause burns due to touching the heater.

Buying Guide for the Best Hair Dryers

Hair Type

It’s a widespread belief that the same hairdryers are suitable for every type of hair. However, that’s not the case. If your hair is thin, it is possible to consider dryers that give a bit more volume. To achieve this, ceramic hair dryers are your best choice. A dryer that has diffusers is ideal for curly hair. An ionic hairdryer can be used to dry frizzy, dull hair.

Extra Attachments

Dryers that come with extra attachments will only make your life easier. Hairdryer combs, concentrator nozzles, and diffusers are just a few tools you can use to make your hair look more stylish and dry it in different ways.

Weight And Design

The weight of the hairdryer is crucial also. Every person would like a light model that’s easy to use while making your hair look nice. Today hair dryers are lightweight and foldable, which means you can easily carry them inside your purse and use it at any time.

Long size power cord

The power cord long length of the hairdryers can give the ability to move it to meet your needs.

Technology used

Different kinds of hairdryers employ other methods. Ionic hair dryers use Ionic technology, where particles of ions are released, and the discharged negative ions destroy those positively charged water molecules.


If you can, try holding the hairdryer and feel how it feels in your hands. Take note of the hairdryer’s overall size, specifically if you use the hairdryer often. For the ease of styling, you should choose an air-tight dryer that is lighter in weight and can be easily held.


If you frequently travel, there are specially made travel hair dryers. They tend to be smaller in weight, foldable and can come with an adjustable cord. It is an excellent option in cases where luggage space is constrained.


First, you’ll need to choose to set the speed settings. Most blow dryers come with two settings for speed that are high and low.

Frequently ask Questions

What is why it is terrible to dry your hair in the air?

Do you think air-drying is terrible for your hair? When you air-dry your hair, you increase the time your hair will retain moisture.

Do you prefer for your hair to dry naturally?

After one or two unsuccessful sessions using a hairdryer, You may be enticed not to use one and instead dry your hair with air.
However, if you utilize your hairdryer correctly, according to research from the Department of Dermatology and Institute of Hair and Cosmetic Medicine at Yonsei University in South Korea, you can help your hair.

What was the reason for the study on drying hair with dry hair?

The research showed that the hairdryer causes hair damage. However, it is more damaging in the event of improper use, i.e., at extreme temperatures and near the scalp, such as approximately five centimeters with 95 C deg. These were the most extreme conditions that were used in the study. This was not surprising; however, it was scientifically proved.

What happens when you don’t properly dry your hair?

Hair can absorb up to 30 percent of its mass in water. The longer it is wet, the more swollen it will become as it continues to expand. This is because the repeated swelling followed by the slow drying of hair cause it to split and permanently damage hair.

Do I want to wash my hair dry or wet?

Hair that’s damp and brimming with moisture is less sturdy than dry hair that can cause snapping when it’s brushed. As such, it’s recommended to brush hair in a dry state (guide-to-detangling-curls). This can be done by letting your hair dry after showering before starting to comb your hair.


There are a few adverse hair dryer side effects that come with using the hairdryer. If you use a hairdryer every day to dry your hair, it is not suitable for the hair. If you’re late to work, you could utilize it. In other cases, let your hair naturally dry. Excessive frequency can strip the natural moisture, and hair can get frizzy. It would help if you used your hairdryers with relaxed settings to prevent damage.

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